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In a crowded market place PNPL stands out as a company offering superior value for its products. Premier Nutraceuticals Pvt. Ltd (PNPL) has many “FIRST” to its credit.

To differentiate our products from the rest we have total field strength of 200 TDM’s (Territory Development Managers). These two hundred TDMs guided by experienced & talented senior managers cover almost 75% of the important Indian markets where 95% of the Indian Pharma company’s representatives are based in these towns.

Our products are totally prescription based and so we ensure that each TDM who joins us has a field experience of at least 5-6 years in the pharma field. TDM’s are further trained with in-depth product knowledge, excellent communication skills and are imbibed with the necessary aptitude to succeed and excel in their jobs & careers.

  • These TDM’s cover an average of 35,000 HCPs across multiple states of India and spanning various specialties every month. An equal numbers of Drs are informed about our products thru mailers and other means every month.
  • A total of 100,000 retailer pharmacies are covered through our wide network of stockists & wholesalers are every month.
  • Our supply chain network of 13 Super Stockists & C&F agents caters to around 200 stockists & wholesale dealers.